Olympic Barbell Weights


If you’re thinking about buying weightlifting or exercise equipment for your home, one of the best options that you have is to get a set of barbell weights.  Aside from the benefits that you normally get from working with free weights, like a better full body workout that builds bigger muscles faster, there are many benefits to having workout equipment in your home.  With a barbell and weights in your home, you get access to a variety of exercises for less money than a gym membership and you can workout to fit your busy schedule.  Our store offers several great options for home equipment.  Here are the top reasons you should buy a set of barbell weights for your home today

Barbell Weights are Versatile

Unlike a lot of different workout equipment, with a proper setup and amount of weights, you can perform hundreds of different exercises with your barbell that will work every muscle in your body.  Not only do you have hundreds of exercises to choose from, you can choose any training style that you want.  You can do higher reps to build more muscle or definition or load on weight for low reps to generate lots of power.  The choice is yours.  Try to do that on a NordicTrack.

It’s Cheaper than a Gym Membership

Getting a quality weight set for your home is also cheaper than a gym membership.  You will no doubt spend a little bit more in the first month for setup, there are no recurring payments and the whole system should pay for itself in a few short months of $50 membership fees.  Even if you do end up going back to the gym later, you will have not lost any money!

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Weight Sets Can Be Installed Anywhere

You don’t need a huge house or a lot of room to install an Olympic barbell weight set.  In fact, the whole set only needs enough room for the bar and an adjustable bench.  If you plan on working your legs you can also install a squat rack around the bench.  Even with this, the total area that you need is not much bigger than the total length of the bar.

Get Big on Your Own Time

Finally, having a set of barbells as home will let you fit weightlifting into your busy schedule.  Have a wife and kids and can’t get away to the gym for a long workout?  No problem.  As long as you have a few free minutes you can get a small workout in.  You can even spread your workout out.  Ten minutes of free time a four points during the day lets you work all your muscles without a huge time commitment.

There are a lot of benefits to having a barbell and weights at home.  You’ll save money and time, but still have access to hundreds of different exercises.  You also don’t need a large amount of space to install the set.  Before you take the plunge though, make sure that you have the commitment to follow through on your home workout routine.  Its very easy just to let a set of workout equipment rust.  Once you’re sure your ready, check out some of these quality weights from Amazon, our trusted partner.

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480 Pound Olympic Set With Bar & Collars


CAP Barbell 300 Pound Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Plate Set


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The Dead Lift – One of the Best Power Lifting Moves for Overall Strength

Power lifting isn’t just for freakishly strong Olympians.  It’s also a great way to build an amazing body of your own.  For most gym users, the three powerlifting moves that you will get the most use out of are the squat, bench press and the dead lift. But, if you want to get the most out of your lifting session you need the proper power lifting equipment.

You will find a wide range of this equipment which can assist you in power lifting. Some of the common ones are listed here for your assistance:

Free Weights: The one piece of equipment that you must have for power lifting are barbell weights. You can find standard plates starting from 2.5 pounds and increments of 10 available up to 45 pounds. The barbell itself will weigh 45 pounds The plates may shift in mid lift which can throw you off balance; therefore, safety collars are placed on the ends of the bars. If the exercise requires it, you may also have to use a bench along with the weights. For instance, you may need a high back chair for indulging in seated shoulder presses or for bench presses you may need a flat bench. In many barbell exercises, you may also incorporate incremented dumbbells as a variation.

A Power Rack: Also Essential
Power Lifting Equipment

Hammer Strength: This is a recent machine which has been introduced in the world of power lifting. It is a patented machine system which offers the safety of machines in conjunction with the benefits of free weights. Two joints are utilized in most of the pieces through which you can lift one limb at a time i.e. unilaterally. Legs and preacher curls, chest presses and seated rows are some machines which you can use. All you have to do is buckle yourself in to avoid slipping from the seats and load free weights on the pegs of the machine.

Bowflex A system of flexible composite rods is used in this machine and the size of the rod and the difficulty in bending them can help in determining the poundage. Just like free weights the rods are rated from 5 to 100 pounds.

Apart from these machines, there are some others which are used for different purposes and found in nearly all gyms. These include Roman chairs and dip bars for lower back extensions and for pull ups, high mounted bars to name a few. You can also use Kettlebells instead of dumbbells.

However, you should be very careful when you use any power lifting equipment as a little mistake can have multiple physical implications for you. It is essential that you breathe properly and use your legs to lift weight rather than your back. Also, using a spotter is advisable when it comes to using free weights as they will prevent the weight from falling on you.

You can use amazon.com to purchase all the equipment you require for all events of power lifting. Whether it is barbells, spotters or a squat rack, you can buy them at very competitive prices and of the highest quality from amazon. By using this equipment, you are sure to gain muscle, lose fat and improve your overall appearance.