Olympic Barbell Weights

Olympic Barbell Weights: Build More Muscle, Faster

There are many benefits to using a set of Olympic barbell weights.  They offer you more value for your money than any other type of home fitness equipment.  Not only can you build more muscle quicker, you can work almost every muscle in your body in different ways.  You build functional strength as well, which can prevent joint injuries and possibly help you in your everyday life.  If this all sounds good to you, try starting your search for the perfect barbell set at our store.  If you still need a little convincing, read on.

Barbell Weights are Versatile

With a good barbell and weight set, there are literally hundreds of different exercises that you can perform for nearly every muscle group.  You can do squats for your legs, bench presses for your chest, curls for your biceps, wrist curls for your forearms, and other exercises for your back, shoulders, and triceps.

Not only are there hundreds of different exercises to perform, you can slightly modify each motion to make sure that you hit the muscles that you want.  Moving the bar up slightly toward your neck in a bench press, for instance, hits different muscles in your chest hard.  Try to have any weight machine compete with that!

Be careful with this however, and make sure that you always keep the correct form to avoid injury.

Work More Muscles with Barbells

olympic barbell platesUsing barbell weight also works more muscles than isolation machines do.  While there is a time and a place for isolation machines, they don’t add size and strength the same way that barbell workouts do.  You don’t just work your lower back with a deadlift, you also work all the other muscles in your back, your legs, and even your arms.

This gives your body a better overall build and even helps to build the targeted muscles quicker and avoid injuries!  This is because every muscle in your body works in concert with other muscles.  If you, for instance, if you only do curls on a preacher curl machine, you will strengthen your biceps, but the shoulder muscles that work with them will stay weak.  Eventually you will end up hitting a wall where your biceps won’t get any bigger without the help from the shoulder muscles and you even risk joint injuries because your muscles are different sizes.

Olympic Barbell Weights Build More Functional Strength

Olympic barbell weights also build more functional strength than many other workout methods.  While most people won’t need the strength on a daily basis, unless you work in a manual labor job, it does help.  If your muscles and body are strong, you won’t have troubles starting the lawnmower, opening cans, carrying large boxes, or doing any other number of chores around your house.  You also reduce your risk of joint injuries, especially in the back.  Older people also benefit from barbell workouts, if they are fit enough to handle them, because they help to keep bones strong, preventing osteoporosis.

Compound Exercises Raise Your Metabolism

Another big benefit to using barbells, and doing squats, dead lifts, and bench presses in particular, is that scientific evidence has shown that these exercises can raise your metabolism and keep it high for longer than most other workouts.  This means that you will burn more fat, quicker and be showing off your new muscles in no time.

The Final Word

If you want to build big muscles fast, there’s absolutely no substitute for using a barbell weight set.  You can do hundreds of different exercises that will make sure that you can work every muscle in your body.  Not only that, the workout will build functional strength that you can use and work a variety of muscles, ensuring your whole body is toned and ripped.  If you want to get in shape fast, find yourself a barbell for use at home online and start using it as part of your workout routine.

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